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Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC)

I've been working with Dubyts Communications for the past ten years. We have an amazing relationship. We work on a regular basis constantly with their business of doing brochures, marketing materials, banners, website design, everything you can ... VIEW VIDEO TESTIMONIAL

Southport Aerospace Centre

The best part about working with Dubyts Communications is that they do get us. They get our business. They understand that things sometimes are last minuet, that we need things when we need them and we're super impressed that we've been able to update and ... VIEW VIDEO TESTIMONIAL

Central Plains RecPlex

Dubyts Communications provides very good customer relationship service. We have a very strong relationship with Christine and the other staff as well. You can pick up the phone at anytime and give them a call and if its something we need or something that we ... VIEW VIDEO TESTIMONIAL

Harwood Design Builders Ltd.

From the very beginning of our business relationship working with your firm has been not only been a pleasure, but also an asset that I have come to trust and count on in so many ways. Everything we have done together has been accomplished professionally, on time ... VIEW VIDEO TESTIMONIAL

Nelson Granite was ready to do a full overhaul of our marketing presence. We had a new logo but had no idea how to build off of that and create a new image. Christine and her staff at Dubyts Communications came highly recommended to help us build our vision. We laid out what we were looking for in terms of a new website, including a brand new online ordering system, and they took it above and beyond our expectations. Our customers are thrilled with the new design and functionality of the website and it has proven very successful in attracting new business.

After the website launch, we tackled the rest of our marketing tools and Dubyts has been with us every step of the way. Everything from tradeshow displays and literature, to business cards, sticker labels and image design and editing.

Their customer service is second to none and they are always an email or phone call away. That gives us great peace of mind that we are well taken care of as we spend a lot of time on the road. If something comes up or we need something urgently, it's taken care of right away.

Christine and her staff have been a great asset to Nelson Granite and we look forward to doing more projects with them in the future.

Sarah Madussi, Sales | Service | Support
Nelson Granite

Christine and Dubyts Communications have been working with Speedpro Systems Canada for two years in a wide variety of projects. The differentiators at Dubyts Communication is the true team culture. The entire staff are great to deal with and understand what the end results should be. This is a smaller sized firm but they all should make the "all star team". I would recommend them to anyone looking for some marketing inspiration.

Stuart Burns, President
Speedpro Systems Canada

As the owner of a small business called Get It Dunn, I was looking for a way to distinguish the brand and create a consistent look and feel to business cards, website, emails, newsletter and other marketing material. I had researched and talked to a number of different graphic artists and designers and was unable to achieve the desired effect. That was, until meeting Christine of Dubyts Communications. After a number of meetings where Christine got to know what Get It Dunn stands for, the creative process began. A unique and inspired logo and brand was created that completely captured the essence of my business. I'm very grateful to Dubyts Communications for their inspired creativity and ability to take a vision and make it a reality. Their professionalism and creativity continue to amaze me. They just 'get it' and in so doing, they help me Get It Dunn!

Deb Dawson-Dunn, Personal Leadership Coach
Get It Dunn

I will be using the Amy banner at "The World Conference for Breast Cancer." ... everyone loves it ... Again thank you for your innovative ideas.

Evelyn Valcourt
Evelyn's Wig Sales & Service

I have a personal financial advisory practice and enjoy working with my clients, but do not have the time or expertise to design and maintain my own marketing materials. As all business owners know, marketing in several forms is important for the growth and longevity of any business.

I engaged Dubyts Communications in 2008 to help me develop a personal brand to differentiate my practice from others. My requirement was primarily CREATIVITY, but also design. We exchanged ideas. They listened to what I wanted, and also give me the benefit of their experience in a definitive fashion. The interactivity between myself and the staff at Dubyts Communications is productive, time efficient, and friendly. They consistently; meet deadlines, and they spur me to complete projects that I might otherwise shuffle off for a future date. I regard the Dubyts Team as a strategic partner in my business.

Julie Leefe, Financial Planner and Investment Advisor
National Bank Financial

You are amazing! That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Laurel Kidder, Owner
What's Next For Your Business