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What Type of Video Marketing Do You Need?

One of the most important questions to ask and answer before you get started with your video marketing is, What kind of video do I need? i.e., what is your objective in creating the video?

Are you a new company, or are you offering new products / services? Are you marketing to existing customers and looking for more engagement and more depth of knowledge? Or are you ready to convert and just looking for that little nudge?

There are more than a dozen types of marketing videos depending on who you ask, but generally you can think about video marketing like any other kind of content marketing and categorize it into three main areas of customer interaction. TOFU, MOFU and BOFU or Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel.

Video Marketing Content Classifications

Are you a new business and need brand awareness? Are you launching a new product or service? Or maybe you want to target a new geographic area? This is where you would need awareness videos. These include:

  • Brand Stories
  • Explainer Videos
  • Education or How-to Videos
  • Eye catching, engaging animations or hybrid videos (combination of graphic animations with video clips)

The animated video below shows highlights of an event for middle and senior high school students in Manitoba. Producing this type of video has a relatively low cost and time requirement compared to a location shoot and works well to inform and educate the audience.

Manitoba Career Fair Video

The white board explainer video below identifies a specific 'pain' point of potential customers and then presents the solution, effectively positioning the brand with their ideal client. i.e., someone who is looking for integrated marketing solutions. 😉

Dubyts Communications Expertise Video

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There may be some crossover between awareness and consideration as the type and amount of information shared can sometimes move viewers from one stage to the next. Typical category classifications include:

  • Product or Service Information
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Documentaries

The video below shows viewers the process the company follows to turn their vehicle into a brand building machine. The focus is on the product and benefits.

SpeedPro Vehicle Wrap Video

Testimonials are a fabulous way to provide 3rd party proof to help persuade hesitant buyers. People are far more likely to believe the referral of another person than they are the marketing propaganda from the company itself. This video provides that client testimonial with their voice and examples of work. Which works well for people who don't like to be in front of the camera ... which is a majority of people. (excluding politicians of course.)

Newton Enterprises Testimonial Video

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At the decision or 'buy' stage, the view is looking for answers to specific questions and/or something that will make them feel more connected to the business. These types of videos include:

  • FAQ
  • Demos
  • Personalized Videos

Below is an example of a demo video created to show viewers how to navigate a virtual tradeshow should they decide to attend. It helps ease tech. fears, answer FAQ's people may have about the app and provide a demo of the experience.

Navigating Virtual Manitoba Career Fair

The video below provides the answer to an important question many buyers of WHMIS training have in a FAQ video created as part of a series.

Safe and Certified FAQ video

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Once you've converted it's important to continue to engage customers to remind them you're there and also to encourage future referrals. The power of a referral is invaluable so by continuing to engage with existing customers with video marketing is also important.

Below is a video Dubyts produces annually for our own customers for entertainment and that mental reminder, 'We're here when you need us.'

Dubyts Communications Holiday Greetings video

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