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Manitoba Tourism Education Council

Manitoba Tourism Education Council Testimonial

I've been working with Dubyts Communications for the past 10 years. We have an amazing relationship. We work on a regular basis constantly with their business of doing brochures, marketing materials, banners, website design, everything you can think of, we utilize their services. Dubyts Communications has been flexible and responsible. When we need something on an almost urgent level, we get it back from them. It's been unbelievable service. We continue to experience rapid growth and they've been able to keep up with us and have things immediately and faster than you can think possible. I recommend Dubyts Communications on a regular basis. Anytime I'm talking to someone and I have the opportunity where they are looking for marketing, I recommend Dubyts Communications. Their prices are reasonable, they're honest, have integrity and the work is phenomenal.

Shannon Fontaine, CEO
Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC)