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Southport Testimonial Video

Dubyts Communications provides very good customer relationship service. We have a very strong relationship with Christine and the other staff as well. You can pick up the phone at anytime and give them a call and if its something we need or something that we need changed, it's always a nice conversation to catch up. They did a lot of background research on us and setted us with information that I didn't even know about our own region and portage la prairie. It's great.

I think the biggest thing I'm impressed with is the fact that we're always on the same page with our projects. We don't have to go into big detail about what we're expecting. It seems that they just know what we're looking for and we can combine our ideas together and produce good results and it's fun to work with them.

Deanna Talbot, Director, Business Development
Southport Aerospace Centre
Central Plains RecPlex