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Harwood Design Builders

Harwood Design Builders Testimonial

From the very beginning of our business relationship working with your firm has been not only been a pleasure, but also an asset that I have come to trust and count on in so many ways. Everything we have done together has been accomplished professionally, on time, and if not exactly as promised, most likely exceeding our expectations.

Having been in business for almost twenty years there are a few rules I have learned to be successful, and a couple of those are; do what you do best and surround yourself with people who do what they do best, and while I consider my firm one of the best renovation and construction companies around I know we are not communications people, website designers or marketing people, and that is why I feel fortunate to have Dubyts Communications on my team, people who do what they do better than anyone else.

The other rule is have fun at what you do and enjoy your work and that is something I most definitely enjoy with yourself and your team, so let me take this opportunity to again thank you for everything you have done for us and we look forward to everything the future holds for both our firms goals.

Wayne Sage, President
Harwood Design Builders