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Quick Tips for Better Website Design

When it comes to web design there are hundreds of suggestions, recommendations and rules of thumb. Here are a few quick tips for better website design that can be done pretty easily but can make a big impact:

  • Remove noise - if your it's not increasing website conversion it's detracting from it and cluttering up your message
  • Mobile first - Google rewards websites designed with a mobile first layout and structure
  • Know the value of your webpage real estate - People will look from top left, to headlines, to the right side of the page and then down, so strategically position everything and test different layouts to see what works
  • Use call-outs or contrast - they help direct attention to the important stuff on our website
  • Use simple language - jargon serves to confuse
  • Use short, succinct sentences - hiring a good website writer is a little tip that can pay off big! 
  • Put the best stuff above the fold - depending on the product or service, you may not get the scroll you need to show them the important stuff - again, testing is important
  • Respect their time - Don't ask for more info than you need on any web forms
  • Show different ways to order - not everyone wants to buy online
  • Make the right stuff POP using bold, italic, etc., but be careful how much you use or it'll look like POOP and people won't know where to look
  • Design your call(s) to action strategically and with purpose 

These are but a few short website design tips and the list could go on and on, but a common thread is keep it simple and make it easy for people to find what they're looking for. The cool factor is cool only if it truly helps communicate your message.

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