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What is Your Marketing Story? Once Upon a Time ...

Once Upon a Time

People love stories. Mystery, intrigue, romance, humor, what ever the format, stories are familiar and pervasive through life. We store, index and retrieve information in the form of stories.

Stories provide us with simulation and the knowledge to act. They also provide inspiration and the motivation to act. So it's no surprise marketers use the art of storytelling to provide emotional ideas to get people to act. 

A great example is the, "I'm an Apple / I'm a PC," ad series. A simple comedy with a hero a villain and a happy ending, depending on your brand preference. wink

Another great story is Dove's, "Real Bea
uty Campaign." Not only is it high impact but its premise is based on building self esteem for girls and women - altruistic indeed. 

So how can YOU tell a great story? 
1. Be genuine, authentic and consistent - failing any of these and you lose your readers trust.
2. Make a promise - something bold that appeals to your market, not to everyone.
3. Be concise but let them draw their own conclusions.
4. Appeal to their senses. Sense of intrigue, romance, fun - its the emotional vs the logical that plays here.

It's not as easy as it sounds but a good marketer can help you tell a great story that translates into real value for your business.

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