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What Does Your Marketing Say About Your Brand Personality?

What does your marketing say about your brand and company? Are you edgy? Conservative? Professional? Funky? Do you project confidence, fun or competence? Does your creative platform help you to stand out from the crowd or do you blend in with the masses?

There's so much noise out there. So many competitors vying for YOUR customer's and potential customer's attention. You need to discover what makes you different than everyone else. Then you need to visually project this.

Using color, space, type, and imagery, you can achieve an endless number of creative styles. Once you have your brand "style," it becomes easy to tie all your marketing together. From your website, to your biz cards, to e-marketing and social marketing. Creating a unique consistent visual image inline with your unique corporate philosophy is key to marketing with personality.

One Company who does this well is Google - I get a kick out of the logo variations they pull off for special and momentous occasions, and yet their general creative platform is straight forward, clean and professional.

And if you were wondering whether DCom has a fruit fetish with the use of our orange apple graphic on our website, socials and print materials.
Well, we do have a fetish, but not a fruit fetish. It's a fetish with being different. We were looking for something hybrid that would stand out. To find something 'juicy" and something different and I think we "squeezed" some creativity out of it! (excuse the puns)

Do you have a unique, consistent creative platform that identifies your fonts, colors, space and imagery? What does your marketing say about you?

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