Marketing Fundamentals

Who's Minding Your Marketing?

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

You? The marketing department or sales manager? Yes, certainly. But what about the accounting clerk, the delivery driver and the security guard?

The truth is that every employee is a representative of your business, or a "touch point." I like to refer to them as "moments of truth." In order to maintain solid customer relationships, it is essential to make sure everyone who communicates or interacts with your clients - from receptionist to CEO - is leaving the right lasting impression.

The same is true of non-human moments of truth. It's great that your brand new business cards and letterhead look fantastic, but the only thing that your client might remember is the fact that you haven't yet moved to an electronic invoicing system.

It's important to start looking at marketing as a function of every touch point. If current customer sales are slipping, examining every touch point in an organization and not just those exclusively related to the sales function can be very revealing. You may be surprised to find that the solution might not be to increase the marketing budget; perhaps all that is needed is an additional hand in an understaffed service department. After all, happy customers are repeat customers.