Social Media

Our 2-cents on social media marketing (SMM)

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

It's all the buzz... Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Should you be there and if so how much time should you invest?

1. The stats are astounding:

  • It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users
  • Television took 13 years
  • Internet 4 years
  • iPod 3 years
  • In 9 months facebook added 100 million users
  • Today facebook is adding half a million new users every single day
  • YouTube is getting over 1 billion views per day (Oct 9/09)
  • There are over 60 million Twitter users and 19% check their status daily
  • 80% of companies are using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool

There is no doubt the popularity of social media and bookmarking sites is significant and growing daily, but can these sites actually translate into sales? We suggest you look at your existing and potential clients.

  • Are they seeking out, participating in and being influenced by social media?
  • Do they have conversations about brands on these sites?
  • Is your brand being mentioned on these sites?

An answer of YES to any of these is a key indicator that SMM may be effective for your biz. If NO, perhaps you can open some social media channels and invest your time appropriately.

2. Failing to plan is planning to fail: Don't jump into SMM without first determining how it fits into your entire marketing picture.

  • What's your rationale for engaging social media?
  • Which social media tactics are you going to use?
  • How are you going to engage your fans, followers and contacts?
  • How will messaging and imagery integrate with your traditional marketing?
  • How will you determine whether it's actually working for you?

People listen to the opinions of friends and family because they are more likely to be honest and share positive and negative experiences.The conversations people are having online, the "word of web", is also influencing where people shop, stay and play, what they buy and who they buy from. If you've ever checked out you know what I'm talking about.

Watch, listen and learn - don't jump on bandwagons - make informed decisions. Not sure where to start, you know who to contact.