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November 2011  



Harwood Design Builders is the proud recipient of FOUR GOLD RENOMARK AWARDS! The award ceremony was held, Friday, November 4th and Wayne Sage, the owner of Harwood, made the journey up to the podium four times during the evening to accept awards for all four of the entries submitted.  CONGRATULATIONS TO WAYNE AND HIS TEAM! Check out their winning entries here.  

As part of the 2011 Leadership Forum at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, the Manitoba Quality Network (QNET) is bringing in "brain trainer" Brian Thwaits on November 16th! To register visit

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards! Nominate a deserving woman business owner for the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards TODAY.  It's as easy as filling out a short online form at,

The Women Business Owners Today magazine was officially launched in October! Check out our online version. We welcome all women business owners to register their business free and start connecting with other women business owners, increase your website's search engine rankings and take in some of the great articles!  If you're interested in advertising to this target audience email me today.


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Do you love it?! - 
This question or a variation thereof is uttered whenever we present a new marketing concept to a client. Whether its a new logo, an ad, or a website design. We ask, and then wait in silent anticipation as the client ponders. They examine the color, font, white space, copy, images, etc., everything that contributes to the overall look.

When it comes to design and what you like or dislike, its a bit like asking a person their preference in artwork. Some like watercolor, some like oil, some like mixed media. Some like scenes, some like portraits, some like abstract. The response to a piece of art is based on a persons point of reference and personal preference.

Similarly, in graphic design whether a person likes or dislikes a logo or an ad or other type of design is based on their preference. They may or may not like the color red, they may have an affinity towards triangles. Whatever their reasons for liking an disliking something it's their personal opinion.
BUT there is a BIG difference between evaluating artwork and evaluating marketing design. In artwork, one is not necessarily better than another. It's really is a matter of opinion. But in marketing design, there are technical aspects that do make one design better than another. Also, the objective is to design for the target audience. Who are you trying to connect with? Is it men, women, children or elderly? Are they business people, moms or joggers? If you have a clear understanding of your target audience create your marketing tactics to resonate with them. And while you might be a 35 year old male and you don't like the color pink. If your target audience is girls between the ages of 2-8, you'd better incorporate some pink into your design!

-Speaking of art . . .
CindyWebsite We've had the pleasure of working with Cindy Davidson to create her marketing materials. Cindy is a mixed media artist in Winnipeg and if you're looking for some incredible artwork ( in my opinion ;-D ), check out her website at! She also just launched her facebook page. Check it out and 'like' her on facebook!
-The art of training -
Whitecaps Website Some people may not think training is an art, but anyone who's sat through a boring trainer will tell you there is a difference between a good trainer and a bad trainer. If you're looking for an exception trainer for central or northern Manitoba you have to check out Whitecaps Skills Training! We launched this site in October and its been getting some great reviews! Make sure to "like" them on facebook too!
-The art of franchising -
SpeedproWebsite If you're looking for a great business that's creative and profitable, check out a Speedpro Signs or Imaging Franchise. We've worked with  Speedpro Canada for a number of years on various projects and just launched their franchise website in October. This is a business with tons of great benefits and you don't have to work evenings and weekends. What's not to like about that!
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