March 2010


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$50,000 Raised!

The Dubyts Com. Dangerous Dames threw a few strikes at the Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bowl for Kids Sake event on, Feb. 27th.  We didn't bowl well enough to get us into the bowlers winner circle. But we were a part of a bigger winner's circle, the one that helped raise over $50,000 for local programming for Winnipeg children.

Thank you to all who participated! 

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-Let's Danz -
As I watched my daughter's dance recital I got to thinking that dance is a lot like design.

STYLE:  There are many different styles.
Dance: The waltz, the rumba, salsa, hip hop, ballet, jazz, modern, etc.
Design: Modern, traditional, conservative, minimalist, grunge, elegant, etc. 
MEDIUM:  The foundation upon which each is expressed is unique and varied.
Dance: In dance the music is central to its expression and is as varied as the style of dance.   
Design: Graphic design mediums include anything from print, electronic, video, outdoor, promotional, etc. 

Dance: For every discipline each dancer has their own style, character and passion. No two dancers are the same, which is why shows like, "Dancing with the Stars," are so popular. 
Design:  There are so many combination's of color, fonts, white space and graphics that unless a design has intentionally been copied, no two designs are the same. They should be as unique as the people / companies they are created for. 

THE AUDIENCE: The final piece of the equation is the viewer or audience.
Dance: Different  types of dance appeal to different people. I like jazz and hip hop.  You might enjoy ballet or salsa.
Design: The same applies to design. Some like minimalist, some prefer grunge and others prefer conservative. Some like red, some like blue and others like brown.

The similarities between dance and design are interesting and noteworthy. What can you take away?  Appreciate the differences within, and similarities between these two artistic forms of expression . . . and more importantly, when you're evaluating design, understand that it can take on many, many different looks and while you may not like what you see, the design must resonate with the most important critic . . . your customer.

Danz (sp?) -
You may have noticed the obvious misspelling of the word Danz in this edition. No mistake. This is simply our lead in to announce the launch of another new and fabulous website -- Monica's Danz Gym.


We had as much fun creating this website as the dancers have at Monica's Danz Gym. Owned by Olympic Gymnast, Monica Goermann, Monica's is truly a unique dance studio offering Aerial Danz, Hoop and Trapeze and other fun and interesting classes like Clowning Around and Acro.  Check out Monica's new website and some of the fun summer programs she's offering.
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