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Do you know what THE Most Important Marketing Tactic is for Your Business?

If you said website, you're bang on. Your website is your marketing epicenter - your hub, and the place you should drive people to so they can research who you are and what you offer. And here's why:

1. Establishes Credibility

Today most people just assume you have a website. If you don't the simple fact is you lose credibility and people assume you don't take your business seriously.

2. You Have the Control
Your website is a place where you control the information and data. Social media can give you an online presence but you are at their mercy. They can change their site or terms of service anytime . . . and they do.

3. Metrics & Measurement
While some of the social media platforms do provide metrics they are not as business oriented and don't make it easy to track specific tactics and promotions.

4. Robust Experience
You can create your website so your visitors have a robust experience, providing the information they're looking for as well as applications and tools to provide more value to your users.

5. Build Your Brand
This goes along with the control factor - your website allows you to have more control over your branding and your website's creative platform.

So, when considering your marketing efforts and budget look at what you're spending on your website and your SEO. It should constitute the largest percentage of time and money relative to your other tactics.
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We recently launched a new websites for The Manitoba Chapter of Meeting Professionals International. This association provides premiere relevant education for professional meeting planners and their affiliates through some of the industry's top international and local speakers.

This site feature full content editing capability through a custom designed administrative portal so it's easy for the association to update and maintain the information.

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