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I totally forgot
July 2011
Manitoba Summers are Spectacular! 

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I totally forgot . . .

Ever heard yourself saying that? I can just see your heads nodding in agreement - Yes, I suspect I'm not alone here. We're all pretty busy with our lives and our work and there are sometimes things that just slip through the cracks. As I was chatting with one of our very good clients yesterday I mentioned we were crazy busy at the office and he asked what we were working on. I replied, "well our new magazine of course!" and he said, "What magazine?" And it hit me - I realized I had totally forgotten to tell our clients and contacts that Dubyts Communications Inc. is publishing a magazine!

It's all very exciting and I kinda resemble the girl in the picture above with all the sticky notes, but things are coming together nicely despite the tight time-lines.

As it so happens, Wayne, our very good client and friend, booked an ad in the magazine (yeah!) and I'm thrilled to have Harwood Design Builders included in our new venture. If you're interested in getting involved, check out for all the details.

The magazine, will hit the desks of 20,000 people in Manitoba including, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce members, Asper School grads and MB Globe and Mail subscribers the week of September 26th!

That's it for this newsletter. I know everyone's busy with summer vacations and activities so I'm keeping it short and sweet!

Enjoy the rest of your summer! / C
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