July 2009

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Dubyts Communications
201-301 Nassau St.N.
Wpg, MB  R3L 2J5
Ph: 204-475-3307

Fax: 204-487-7249

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Evolve   Engage   Exceed -
If you're not evolving you WILL become extinct!  You need to stay current and anticipate market demands so you can adjust your business strategy, products or services. If you don't you'll end up with the likes of  Betamax and the floppy disk.

It is a proven fact that if you engage your customer in your brand and they're far more likely to remember you.

If YOU don't exceed their expectations, you're leaving the door open for someone who will. Don't leave that door open.

We help our customers evolve, engage and exceed in their marketing endeavors every day. Today we are pleased to introduce one of our new new marketing endeavors! 


The ideaZone is the NEW Dubyts Communications quarterly publication intended to entertain and engage you. 

It's an evolution of our e-newsletter. Bigger! More idea generating articles and more thought provoking graphics.

It will engage you through interactive features like, page flipping, puzzles and contests.

It truly promised to exceed all expectations! 

Check it out for yourself and then let us know what you thought. You can provide feedback either by clicking on the button to the left or at the end of the e-zine.


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