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January 2011
Happy New Year!


In the last issue I put a challenge out to see if anyone could beat my 75% score on the Subject Line Test and we had a number of winners!  Here they are with their subject lines:


Terri got  83.33% with:

Do you want to be rich?


Deb got 100% with:

Are you feeling depleted?

Amanda got 100% with:

Urgent deadline. Response required immediately.

Mitch got 100% on these two headlines:

Please You marry me
Please You union me

Sonya got 80% with:

Can art actually make change?

Congratulations everyone and happy bragging! 



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-Connect and be connected -
So what IS social media anyway? SIMPLY put, its people having conversations online.

And, how connected do you have to be? How much time should you spend having conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In?

This are questions we get all the time and you really have to check out what your clients are doing. How are they interacting online?

If you look at the statistics for Facebook, as of July 2010: 

  • more the 500 million active users
  • 50% log on to Facebook in any given day
  • average users has 130 friends
  • spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
This might freak you out a bit. You may think that EVERYBODY is doing it, they're spending hours and hours on it and that you're missing your opportunity to land tons of customers. Well, relax a little and consider what many people are doing on these social media channels. They're checking out Uncle Frank's new profile pic, getting the lowdown on Francine's new baby, and "liking" the latest video post of their best friend winning the three legged race at the company picnic.   

I think its safe to say many people aren't using Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn alone to make purchase decisions. They're probably visiting your website, going to competitors sites AND having conversations with people on and offline about you and/or your product/service.

Whether BtoB or BtoC, it IS becoming important to have a presence in the social media arena, but think of it as another tool to communicate your message. Keep it professional, keep it clean and communicate your message consistently.

Social media is here to stay in one form or another. But keep it in perspective and consider how your clients are engaging with the different social media tools out there. Then allocate appropriate resources and ensure your Social Media Marketing (SMM) is integrated with your traditional marketing.
Speaking of being connected . . .
When it comes to being connected, NRG Teleresources can hook you up with whatever you need. From corded to wireless to bluetooth headsets. From audio conferencing to voice recording to telephone and data equipment. NRG has all the communication gadgets you might need!  Check out their product lines on their brand new website designed and programmed by . . . yup, you guessed it. The Dubyts Com. Team.


What makes this website unique is that it is completely designed and programmed using WordPress. An Open Source tool familiar to most folks as a blogging tool. The functionality we squeezed out of this site, PLUS the ability for the client to be able to edit most areas of the site is a true WordPress wonder. 

Give NRG a call and talk to Lisa or Lisa (not a typo - there are two Lisa's there) about getting connected. They're absolutely terrific and I am speaking as a very happy client who has purchased several products from them.
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201-301 Nassau St. North Winnipeg, MB  R3L 2J5


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