February 2011
Happy New Year!

Did you know that Dubyts Com. is hired on a regular basis to speak at AGM's, meetings and conferences, and to facilitate training sessions and workshops?

Here's what we've been up to for the past few weeks and where you can catch us next.

In January we:
  • Were out to Boissevain where we conducted a  1/2 day Business Planning session and a 1/2 day Digital  Marketing Session for MTEC.
  • Provided interactive training on Constant Contact. 
  • Facilitated a full day session in Winnipeg  called "Marketing in a Digitally Savvy World."
  • Sat on a Panel for the Women's Advisory Council for Women interested in starting a business
And our engagements continue. Coming up we will:
  • Participate in the Canada - Manitoba Roundtable on SME's and Skills Development
  • Be a guest speaker at the Canadian Mennonite University
  • Speak at Travel Manitoba's Annual Convention. 
  • Teach at the Winnipeg Technical College
  • Training at MTEC - Tourism Marketing 2011 and Beyond
For training and/or speaking inquiries please call us at 204-475-3307.

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-They don't have an app for that . . .
Blackberry, IPhone, Android, IPad . . . programmers are having a field day pumping out apps to please everybody and anybody. From calorie counters, to mileage trackers, barcode scanners, and "to-do" list makers that help you organize yourself. Its amazing! As the owner of a Blackberry and an IPad, I've discovered a few apps that are productivity enhancers some time savers and there are of course some time wasters. But it's fun to search, download and discover innovative and interesting apps to suit our ever increasing mobile world.

BUT, one thing there is no app for is, good old fashioned creativity. And this is good news for anyone in the creative world, people like designers, artists, inventors and creative solution providers.

If you provide creative products, services or solutions to people who are ready, willing and able to buy, you have a recipe for success. So, whatever your business, BE CREATIVE, think out of the box, and strive to provide your clients with creative products, options, strategies and solutions because, to date, there is no app for that and people are willing to pay for amazing artwork, new inventions and creative solutions!
Creativity inside and out . . .
We started working for Connotec Inc., a successful mining construction company about a year ago and we've learned a lot about Connotec and their clients as we took on the design and production of a new trade show display, banners, business cards, a corporate brochure, an affiliate website (FNAP), promotional items and more. Just last week we launched Connotec's new corporate website and so far its getting rave reviews! 


The creativity involved in this project started from design, right through to the creative programming necessary to achieve the clients objective to provide up to the minute news and stock information for their clients and website visitors. The end result is a website that is truly unique and informative. 

Check out the new Connotec website and if you're interested in receiving their company or industry news, sign up to receive updates via  RSS.
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