February 2010


Dangerous Dames!

The Dubyts Com. Dangerous Dames will be throwing strikes and kickin' spares for a great cause on Feb. 27th.

Come out and get involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake - it's a great cause for some great kids!    

Saturday, February 27th
Academy Uptown Bowling Lanes, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

For more information visit www.bigwinnipeg.com

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-Simple and easy -
When it comes to web design there are hundreds of suggestions, recommendations and rules of thumb. Here are a few:
  • Remove noise - if your it's not increasing conversion it's detracting from it and cluttering up your message
  • Know the value of your real estate - People will look from top left, to headlines, to the right side of the page so strategically position everything
  • Use call-outs - they help direct attention to the important stuff
  • Use simple language - jargon serves to confuse
  • Use short sentences - short and sweet works
  • Put the best stuff above the fold - many visitors don't scroll so put the most important stuff at or near the top
  • Respect their time - Don't ask for more info than you need
  • Show different ways to order - not everyone wants to buy online
  • Make the right stuff POP using bold, italic, etc., but be careful how much you use or it'll look like POOP and people won't know where to look
  • Make your call(s) to action prominent and on every page

This list could go on and on and on, but a common thread is keep it simple and make it easy for people to find what they're after. The cool factor is cool only if it truly helps communicate your message.

Simple and easy revisited -
Simple and easy is the philosophy we used to develop the clean professional website for Stronghold Records Management.

The Stronghold site is uncluttered with a clear consistent message. The use of simple language, illustrative imagery and a call to action on every page follows the simple conventional website design and development method.


PLUS, simple, uncluttered and easy is what Stronghold is in the business of. De-cluttering your office from those boxes and boxes of files and file cabinets taking up valuable space in your office.

Check out their services. They truly do make it easy for you to clean up and save money in records management for your business.  www.strongholdrecords.ca

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