February-09                                                                                             'cause no one likes stale

Bowl For Kids Sake

We'll bowl you over!

Team Dubyts is gearing up to Bowl For Kids Sake on Saturday, Feb. 21! 

There's still time to sign up your own team.

Bowl For Kids Sake is sponsored in part by Dubyts Communications and is in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters Winnipeg.

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Permission to GET FRESH!  -
Yup, spring is around the corner. Time to unclutter, get organized and give the house a fresh coat of paint. It's also a great time freshen up your website. 

Our reliance on the www as a source of information demands we ensure our website is fresh and accurate. Ideally, you're scheduling your website audit every six months along with your regular dental appointments. The difference is your website updates don't have be nearly as painful as your dental visits.

Here are a few tips to help you GET FRESH:

1. Value Review
Does your website provide value to visitors? Entertainment value, informational value, cultural value . . . if not, why would someone visit and revisit your site. Think about it.

2. Content Review

Has there been a change in company focus, products or services? Any landmark events that need to be added? Is contact information current, are links in order and photos updated? 

3. Aesthetics Review
Does the look and feel of the website still reflect the company? Do you need to modernize it?

4. Technology Review
Do you need to update the technology you're using to deliver your message? Should you add video, flash animation, audio or other tools to give you both a "cool" factor and an enhanced communications factor?

5. Objectives Review
Have your website objective(s) changed? Do you want to start using it as a sales tool, list building tool or marketing tool? This may require building in databases or shopping cart functions.

6. SEO Review
Got a great site but not getting any traffic, let alone response? If your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics are out of date, or you're not even sure what SEO is, this may be the reason. 

You don't need our permission to GET FRESH, but you do need to get and stay fresh, otherwise your website may get stale, and nobody likes a stale anything. 

Not sure where to start? Give us a call.

Speaking of GET FRESH . . .  
Presenting the fresh new, magnificently laid out, divinely designed Change Innovators website! We put our heads together with principle and owner of Change Innovators Inc. Yvonne Thompson, and we're delighted with the outcome. 

Change 4

Using the company's already recognized imagery, we reorganized, rewrote and freshened up the www.changeinnovators.com website.  The result is a site that reinforces the company's well-established brand, is easy to navigate and has modern appeal.
Made you look!

Great looking, well planned, targeted e-marketing works! We can help you from start to a GREAT finish! 

Find out more . . .
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