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December 2012  

Funny & Interesting Stories of 2012


A man with a mind-controlled bionic leg climbed to the top of Chicago's famous Willis Tower Sunday, part of a charity stair-climbing event. . . . Read More


Raw Video: New European Skydive Record 
Raw Video: New European Skydive Record

The world record for skydiving has been broken after 138 skydivers fell at top speed of 220 mph in a
. . . Read More 







It's a momentary lapse that can cost hundreds. But the cracked screens that result from dropped iPhones could become a thing of the past thanks to an unlikely invention - an airbag for smartphones  

                        . . . Read More 





Sightseers in London thought they were going quackers yesterday.

They did a double-take as a 50ft rubber duck sailed up the Thames and under Tower Bridge's raised drawbridge in a wacky  .. Read More 





A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

- Phyllis Diller


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3 Tips to Help Future Proof Your Marketing


FUTURE PROOF . . .  Really? How can you future proof your marketing when technology is changing the game so quickly?  


Well folks, although there's no silver bullet there are a few things you can do to help future proof your marketing. 




Fact: For many businesses, raking #1 on Google is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, attract new clients and increase sales. It's also true that SEO is one of the best long-term online marketing strategies. 


Challenge: You can invest incredible money into SEO and with one fowl swoop Google updates their algorithms (i.e., Panda Update) and you're efforts are unraveled.  


Future Proof Tip #1: Help People Solve Problems!  

Don't simply build up your web content, ensure there is value in your content. Make it a Best Practice to provide tools, resources and advice that will help visitors solve real problems and your site popularity will increase. AND as search engines find new ways to measure value (helpfulness) you will be one step ahead of many.  


Fact: If people don't trust you they won't do business with you.  


Challenge: The cycle of building trust is fairly straight forward when we do business in person or over the phone. The process to prove we're trustworthy is, do what you say you're going to do; tell the truth; be transparent and sincere; and give without expecting things in return. Digital communications make building trust more challenging. But gaining trust virtually is possible.  


Future Proof Tip #2: Build Trust Online!  

Kristen Leverone, Senior VP, Lee Hecht Harrison, says, building trust online is possible and "collaboration is a key tool in the virtual world through listening, dialogue, and questions."So whether its email, blogs or social media; listen emphatically, ask questions, participate in relevant dialogue and be sincere. Tell the truth, be transparent and give without expecting things in return. (sound familiar?)  


For larger audiences where you may not be able to touch everyone personally trust can be facilitated by proving your credibility. Are you an "expert" quoted by the media? Author of articles in respected magazines? Teacher / trainer? Do your peers trust you, your products and / or services? This "social proof" is one of the most powerful "pillars of trust." If you offer guarantees or warranties make sure this is front and center and include testimonials to help build trust online.




Fact: If you don't have something remarkable to offer you risk being commoditized and then all you have left is to compete on price.  


Challenge: Seth Godin, respected marketing author and thought leader says it best, "differentiation has no place in this discussion . . . Differentiation is saying, everyone makes a blue one, we make a green one, therefore we're remarkable. NONSENSE. If people don't  think your green one is worth talking about, then it doesn't matter one bit that it's different. What matters is that people find it remarkable. And that doesn't come from differentiating yourself from the competition. It comes from creating a product or service that deserves to be talked about."


Future Proof #3: Create something remarkable!  

If people aren't talking about you, your company, your product or your service there's nothing remarkable about you and you need to do/provide something worth noticing.  


From here I'll refer you to Seth's book, The Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable. You can also check out this Open Forum, Seth Godin's 9 Tips on Creating a Remarkable Product. Both of which will give you some great insight on creating something remarkable. 


You'll notice from the 3 tips above, only the first identifies a specific marketing tactic - Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The other two are fundamental to building a successful business -- Building Trust and Being Remarkable. The fundamentals have not changed all that much. Its the tools we have available that have changed. So, to future proof, go back to the fundamentals and figure out which tools you need to communicate your message effectively. 

Dubyts Com. - Client Profile
True North Finance & Accounting

If you're looking for a job or recruiting for a position in the accounting or finance field check out True North Finance and Accounting - Your Recruitment Partner!

Joelle Caron, President of True North Finance & Accounting launched this niche recruiting firm less than a year ago but her depth of experience and knowledge in this area span more than 20 years. 
We worked with Joelle to create her new corporate brand, creative platform, marketing infrastructure pieces (biz cards, letterhead, forms), and display banners. Check out her new website and pass it on to people you know that may be looking for a job or recruiting for a position in the finance or accounting fields.   

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