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April 2012 



The Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) has some great training opportunities available for tourism, retail and general business. Visit their website at for more information.

The Original Pancake House has a delicious promotion running, "Cinnamon Celebrations!" Belgium cinnamon waffles, cinnamon raisin toast. Check it out at any of their three locations in Winnipeg!

Manitoba Quality Network (QNET) will host their annual conference and exhibition at the Winnipeg Convention Centre on May 3, 2012. Check their website for more info

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (WEYA) WEYA is celebrating 20 years! Join us at the gala on May 17th at the Convention Centre.  For more information and to purchase tickets visit

WEAAD World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th. Check out their NEW website designed and programmed by Dubyts Com., at

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It's time to grow!

According to the RBC March 2012 Economic Outlook and Financial Market Outlook, the "Pendulum swings back in favour of growth." 


The RBC report indicates, "Canadian businesses stand in the enviable position of generating profits, holding cash balances that are elevated compared to both assets and liabilities, having access to loans at low rates, and seeing strong demand for their equity and debt from both domestic and foreign buyers. It is, therefore, no surprise that according to the Bank of Canada's Business Outlook survey, a majority intends to increase both investment in machinery and equipment and labour." Yeah for us!    


So what does that mean from a marketing perspective? Well, it means that if you've been holding on tightly to your marketing purse strings, its time to loosen them and start strategically marketing your business to get more customers coming to YOU! Here are a few thing to consider: 


1. Dressed to Impress & Primed to Perform. Does your website need a facelift or perhaps a complete rework? Where do you rank, and is your site generating leads for your business? Your website is your epicenter, make sure it is "dressed" to impress and primed to perform.  


2. Social Media - Stop, Look & Listen & Learn. How social are you and how social do you need to be? It's a burning question and businesses are rushing into the social media arena without regard for what it is, how it works or if they should actually be investing their time and money in it. Stop, Look and Listen. Learn about social media, find out if your clients are using it and then, IF it makes sense, integrate it strategically into your marketing planning.  


3. Out with the old, in with the new? Have a look at your traditional marketing tactics. What's working, what's not? Is it time to phase out your direct mail campaigns in favor of an e-campaign? Are you still getting a great response from your print Yellow Page Ad or would a web banner ad make more sense? Do the math. Have a look at your response and conversion rates. It might be time to shake things up to help your business grow.


4. Reconnect with your clients and meet new ones. If you were hunkered down waiting for a more favorable economy, its here. Now's the time to get out and reconnect with your clients and meet new ones. Take them to lunch, attend business networking events. Shake some hands, exchange some business cards, strengthen your existing relationships and start building new ones.  


These are just a few thoughts to get you back into growth mode.  


On your marks, get set, GROW!       

What color is your thumb?

If you were born with a green thumb and your business and residential properties are the envy of your neighbors, you're among the minority. If you're like me you're looking at brown grass, trees gone wild and sad looking pots filled with last year's dead flowers. Well, here's a solution for those of us with purple, red, orange, yellow and blue thumbs . . . Urban Jungle Landscaping.  


The folks at Urban Jungle are amazing and their work speaks for itself. Check out their new website, designed and programmed by the DCom crew.       



Tell Gerard we said hi! Happy Growing!


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