Flawless execution for your business

Creative Excellence

Flawless execution is not an act, it's a habit

We have taken our philosophy for Flawless Execution direct from Combat Fighter Pilots Planning, Briefing, Execution and Debriefing.

Although we're not fighter pilots, we are "task saturated" and it is easy for attention to be taken away from successfully guiding a project from start to finish. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve Flawless Execution.

Planning: The plan identifies clear, measurable and achievable objectives. It identifies competitive, internal and hidden threats as well as support assets. It will also compare capabilities, strengths and competitive weaknesses. The plan sets priorities, a timetable and prepares for contingencies to potential risks.

Briefing:In order to execute effectively you need to brief the entire team. The best way to do this is face to face but voice and email will work too. Start and end meetings on time. Communicate concisely, set the pace for execution, assign responsibility and accountability, review process and summarize. Don't forget to encourage questions.

Execution: Here is where you need to conquer task saturation. You need to have a mental dashboard of indicators that you can scan regularly to prevent task saturation and accomplish your goals.

Debriefing: Most people don't bother with debriefing but a debrief on what went right, what went wrong and how to improve the next time around is how we learn and integrate new ideas and controls into the next project.

Simple in theory but Flawless Execution is not everyone's strength so if you want us to execute your marketing and communications contact us.

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