Marketing Fundamentals

Engage Your Visitors

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

You've invested in your website, it looks great, ranks well and you're getting hundreds of hits every single day, but for some reason people land on the site and then wander off to other sites, never staying long enough to really get to know what you're all about. You're not alone. With so much competing for our eyeballs you need to capture your visitor's attention quickly and then give them a reason to revisit. Here are a couple tips to help you do that:

1. Clutter free is easier for thee

If your home page is flashing, beeping and blinking visitors won't know where to look let alone be able to figure out what's important. They'll be totally distracted and any chance you had to control their attention will be lost. A clutter free site removes unnecessary options that can prevent visitors from focusing on the real content.

2. Focused, fresh and frequent

People are visiting your site for information - focus on communicating what they came for. Create quality, interesting content and refresh your content frequently through regular updates the use of a blog or news feeds.

3. Click, watch, play, post, engage

Visitors are looking for ways to get involved - truly engage them in your website by getting them to participate and become a part of something. Get them to click on a photo book, watch a video, play a game, post a comment or participate in a quiz. If you can get them to participate in your community they will remember this engagement and may visit again if they've had a good experience.

4. Focus On Building Repeat Traffic

If they had a good experience the first time around, your chances of getting them back are good. And the more frequently they come back the more likely they'll stay involved.

Engaging visitors on your website is the first step in building trust and turning visitors into customers down the road.

You wouldn't walk up to a stranger and propose marriage would you? Similarly, your website is a communications tool for you to get to know your customers and visa versa. Once you've had a few visits and you've truly engaged your visitors and earned their trust can you expect this engagement to turn into a solid relationship.