Marketing Fundamentals

decisions decisions decisions

By Christine Dubyts, Dubyts Communications

You're faced with them every day. From simple day-to-day decision like, what jam you should put on your toast, to business altering decisions like, should we pursue this new product or service?

There are many ways you can evaluate options and make decisions:

1. Walt Disney's Method:

Play the critic - Come up with as many criticisms as possible. Develop possible solutions for overcoming weaknesses. Select the idea with the fewest weaknesses.

2. Map it:

Establish your criteria. For each idea draw a large circle. Divide each circle into sections based on how well they meet your established criteria. Study the circles and select the best fit.

3. P&C:

Evaluate using Pros and Cons. Write out each idea and evaluate based on their pros and cons, or positives and negatives.

4. Label it:

Fast and Easy. Write out each idea and label it as; excellent; likely; possible; 50/50; long shot.

5. Flip a coin:

Simple yes or no. This method is fast, but not very scientific. Really good for those who are so analytical they never get past the evaluation stage, or those who are afraid of making the wrong decision so they never make a decision.

At Dubyts Communications we make 100's of business altering decisions every day for our clients.

  • What is the key message we should focus on?
  • What pricing strategy should we use?
  • Which font should we use for this ad?
  • Where would customers most likely look for this product?
  • What color should we incorporate into this logo?
  • What is the most effective tactic to reach these buyers?

Our decision making methodology is part art, part science and a whole bunch of relevant marketing experience. Ultimately, we are in business to help YOU stay in business, grow and prosper and when it comes to making your marketing decisions your goal is our goal.