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March 2010
Check your language

Does your website talk about all the incredible ways your visitors can benefit from your products or services? About how great your company is and why YOU are the best choice?  OR do  you focus on your customer? Do you talk about their needs, wants and desires? Do you focus on THEM?

Check your language and convert visitors to buyers by focusing on THEM more and YOU less.

Imagine you're at a party or networking function and you get cornered by someone who talks nonstop about them self. After only 15 minutes of "I, I, I," you're plotting a plausible reason - any reason, to escape.  The next time you spot Mr. Self Centered you sprint for the nearest restroom.

Those same feelings of escape happen if your website, ad, letter or whatever, is centered on YOU instead of THEM.  Use customer focused language -- talk to them about:
  • your challenges
  • solutions for your unique situation
  • you deserve
  • your needs
We all know everyone's asking WIIFM (What's in it for me)? So if you speak to that need with the focus on THEM instead of YOU, you'll hold their interest and increase your conversion ratio.
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