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February 2010
E-Love affair hot and heavy

Email marketing is going to be a long affair according to Forrester Research, Inc., who predicts the marketing spend on email marketing will grow by 54% from now til 2014. Businesses will continue to move money away from direct mail and other more traditional marketing to email marketing.

Why? Email marketing, when done right, can:
  • turn window shoppers into buyers with relevant, regular info. Someone who is thinking of buying can be converted as your credibility is improved with quality communications.
  • keep you top of mind with existing customers and lead to additional sales from already satisfied clients.
  • help you better understand your customer as reporting tools deliver detailed information about opens and click throughs.
  • provide you with comprehensive tracking which permits a thorough examination of ROI on every campaign.
  • reduce your cost per contact as new e-marketing tools are appearing regularly, putting downward pressure on prices.
Most of you are already using email marketing, but if you're not it's time to start. Just make sure you're using a permission-based list*, or you can be shut down as quickly as you start up.

*A permission-based email list is a list of email addresses that has been compiled by receiving permission from the recipients. Verbal and/or opt-in. Always with an option to opt-out.
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