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August 2010
Uncrazy in a crazy marketing world!

The marketing world is volatile and moving at an incredibly crazy speed as the convergence of media and technology reshape how we communicate. Businesses are faced with decisions about whether they should get into social media marketing, how traditional marketing fits in and where on earth they'll get the money and people to do it all!

Don't worry, you're not alone. These questions come at us every single day. So, what's the answer? Hmmm, I wish it were that simple. That there was a cookie cutter solution that could work across and within industries, but alas, life is not so simple. 

What is simple though, is the realization that the industry is experiencing unprecedented change and jumping on bandwagons is not the solution. Don't just throw up a Facebook page, add social bookmarking tools to your website or create an avatar and join My Space, without considering the whole picture. 

Plan your marketing to integrate new technologies and media in an "uncrazy" way. Joining Linked In without an understanding of what the tool could do for you or without maintaining consistency in your messaging and image, is sure disaster. The old adage, failing to plan is planning to fail applies now more than ever. So get out your pencil and paper, start mind mapping or click on your favorite online planning tool and get your planning underway. If you're not sure how or even where to get started call a friendly, established and trusted marketing company to see how they might help. ;-D
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